If you were in the world of .hack//sign...

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Master Mamodo

If you were in the world of .hack//sign...

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what would you look like? what powers and/or abilities, and/or weapons?

me: Shinku; Translation: Scarlet; Alias: Shinku Bara (red rose), Shinku Fujin, or Scarlet Lady; Race: Human; Gender: Female; Age: 25 (apepears 18); Hair: Gold; Eyes: Ruby red, with traces of black; Height: 5'10"; Weight: 120 lbs; Status: Guardian of the World, and Wave Master
Powers: fire and light.
Abilities: able to change appearance, handwritting, voice...etc; summon fire at will, use light anyway i want.
Weapon(s): usually silver white staff, and katana.
Description: Originally just a normal player, it wasn't until Aura was born that i became guardian of the world, and Scarlet. Being guardian of the world, i had to be very mysterious. Because of that, hardly anyone knows i exist. only very selected few get to see me, which is only a glance. Aura has awakened many times before, and both me and the rest of the guardians have lived through it.

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Re: If you were in the world of .hack//sign...

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Well i would like to look like my avatar and have the power of water
and ice .Be a normal player and i would like to be in team of tsukasa .
i love anime

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