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Post by Free »

Has anybody read this manga? I think it was really funny! Has anybody read it? It really is great. Only read Vol.1 but eh.
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re: Kodocha

Post by pyropike »

hey roxanne ive heard of it but i dont think ive read it


re: Kodocha

Post by orahiko »

Mm. a little...I thought the artwork wasn't that great, but the plotline was intricate. I actually enjoyed it, which I usually don't like that type of manga.

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re: Kodocha

Post by fleurish »

I raed it and liked it.I also read in a mag that they're making it into an anime.
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re: Kodocha

Post by nozomi »

Lol. The anime has been out for a while.
Childs Toy...It was a great manga, I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of how when you're older you could act just like that. LOL. (if you get what I'm saying) Like children...

It's a good anime, very entertaing. *thumbs up* :wink:

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re: Kodocha

Post by Jinsgurl07 »

Yeah, my sister just got the first volume at a Barnes & Nobles. I loved it. It really is funny cause Sana is so crazy. I like Sana's mom's hair, it's always done up so pretty.
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