The price of Manga...

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Re: The price of Manga...

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Well, it all depends on what company you buy from. If you buy from viz, there Shonen Manga cost $7.99; if you buy Shojo Beat manga is cost $8.99. All manga from TokyoPop costs $9.99, unless is Kingdom of Hearts. The reason why the manga you buy is $20.00 dollars is because you're probably buying it from another company. ADV manga cost $9.99 as well.
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Re: The price of Manga...

Post by Sushigirl »

why is KH an exception??what's so special about it???
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Re: The price of Manga...

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Manga at my store (Blackwells) is £6.99 each, but I wish they'd put the price down! *sobs* :wink:
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