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Post by Yellowsakura »

did anyone read it
ahhhh its soo good
i love it!!^^
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Re: Hanakimi!!^^

Post by Ryukon »

I do.

I think the last one I've read was maybe...volume 7, I think. I haven't been to the bookstore in a long while or looked back on my manga books as of late.
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Re: Hanakimi!!^^

Post by Lenfa »

I've heard about it, They say it's really nice.
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Re: Hanakimi!!^^

Post by nororu »

yup... reallllllllllllly niiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeee...

highly recommend it! light reading, but great storyline!!!! :wink:
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Re: Hanakimi!!^^

Post by anime life »

Totally agree!! The manga was really great. >.<
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Re: Hanakimi!!^^

Post by Shinogu »

I read till volume 12 and it is really awesome. Hisaya Nakajo has done a good job with this manga. I have the volumes 13, 14, and 15 but haven't got to them yet :(. I am so busy that I am not reading manga much lately. Also there is a new artbook (illustrations), which hit the stores in November. It is so, so beautiful. It is a must for all Hana Kimi fans. The illustrations are just so beautiful. I got it as soon as it was in the stores. I also got the Japanese version of it but the English one is a bless since I can understand what has been written :D.

I hope more of Hisaya Nakajo's work will be released in North America.
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