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Post by Divas.Misery »

I think its a great Manga, But the fights are too random.

(Love S)

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Re: Loveless

Post by Morphea »

I didn't finish Loveless..I only own the 1st book
But I thought it was pretty cute.
I like Shaman King.
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Re: Loveless

Post by ..shuichi.. »

Just started reading it. I've only watch the series. Very beautiful ^^
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Re: Loveless

Post by Yami Haga-Ryuzaki »

I've bought the first three volumes but... I really don't understand it at all.
I wish I did though - but the fights are so random and odd; and then out of no where all this shonen ai is thrown at me! o//O

It's got great art, just the storyline could use tuning.
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Re: Loveless

Post by KoYue »

I've read a part of volume one and seen all the anime. For some reason, the fights seem to make more sense in the anime. >_> The art is lovely and the animation is just beautiful, especially the opening and ending themes.
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Re: Loveless

Post by duck »

I love Loveless! I only read the first two mangas, though and my parents took them. ><
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Re: Loveless

Post by Vagrant_AI_Twilight »

I loved Loveless! I watched all of the anime, and at the end I was crying like "NOOOOO!!! They can't end it like this!!!Waah!! :cry: "
I don't have any of the manga though. ](*,)
But Ritsuka-kun is so cute! I want him for a little brother! That way I could play with his ears. Kawaii!!!
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Re: Loveless

Post by Mirrors Over Photos »

I know, I got a little confused at first, but it's slowing making sence to me now that I'm in the seventh book. But they really like to keep an air of mystery around the whole thing, don't they?

And maybe I'm the only one, but I love the Zeros, both the boys and the girls. They're just so cute. :mrgreen:
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Re: Loveless

Post by nricklee »

I have just started reading its manga,not watched anime yet, seems to be cool stuff.
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Re: Loveless

Post by Taylor_Chan »

Loveless is so cutez! My friend lets me borrow her bookz. <3
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Re: Loveless

Post by Tyche »

Who cares if the fights are sorta random? Seimei is hot, and Ritsuka... :love: I want Ritsuka.

Besides, how many mangas are like this one? The word spell battles and characters are, for the most part, original, and the art is beautiful!
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