Mangas about Ninjas...

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Re: Mangas about Ninjas...

Post by josh »

Ninja Scroll is an anime involving ninjas and the like (obviously) however I'm not sure if theres a manga. I don't think there is though so yeah, sorry dude.
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Re: Mangas about Ninjas...

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There is a movie website that offered the link for 'Ninja Scroll'- I was going to watch it, but then I saw that it was dubbed. So now I'm looking elsewhere. Would you know where I can look?
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Re: Mangas about Ninjas...

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how about can also find it and read it in manga. try to read it and i think there are also dvd for this anime
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Re: Mangas about Ninjas...

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bleach isnt abbout ninjas though.. not so much anyways..
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