Kingdom Hearts Manga.

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Yami Haga-Ryuzaki
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Kingdom Hearts Manga.

Post by Yami Haga-Ryuzaki »

Have any of you read this manga?

If you have also read this book, I'm not sure about you - but I was disappointed. Each chapter was only four pages long, and as a result - all the character interaction and important battles were cut incredibly short.
I'm sure that Shiro Amano was probably given this page limit by someone behind the works; but all I'm saying to the people who decided to adapt the game into a manga is;

"What were you thinking?!"

Shiro Amano has the capability to do really good artwork, as shown by the front covers of this series - and the Kingdom Hearts story is a really good one in my opinion.
It's just when it's cut so short and the storyline thrown around; e.g The group go to Agrabah before Tarzan's world - which wouldn't be possible in the game, it just kind of kills the manga.

I know; I'm just kind of ranting here - and I have no right to because, hey? I've never made a manga, so what the hell would I know?

This is just my opinion on this manga.

Kingdom Hearts was a great game, but it just wasn't such a good manga. If it had been regular size and not done in such a hurry (which it had to be), it would've been better.

(Just so you know, I did enjoy some parts of the series - just most of it bugged me - if you like it I'm not going to chew you out)

Your thoughts on the manga?
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Seto Kaiba's Girl
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Re: Kingdom Hearts Manga.

Post by Seto Kaiba's Girl »

I actually read the first volume. I thought the characters were drawn very cute ^-^

But I found myself stopping in the middle of reading.
Simple & clean, it was boring >,>

I agree also, good game, not such a great manga.
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