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the Gentlemen's Alliance+

Post by Yuriy »

now i normally don't read shoujo manga but this 1 has got me turning the pages. it's by the creator of Full Moon, Arina Tanemura. i think she's a great artist. watch out 4 spoilers!!!

anyway, Haine, the main character, has fallen in love w/ the richest person @ Imperial Academy, Shizumasa-sama. unknown 2 his peers, Shizumasa has a twin, Takenari who currently is taking Shizumasa's place @ the school 2 let his younger twin recover 4m his illness. Haine has unknowingly confess her love several time(s?) 2 Takenari but he HATES her guts.
it's not until a while when Haine 1st meets the 2 in person.
in the end, Haine chooses Takenari than Shizumasa.
atleast that's wat my friend tells me.
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Re: the Gentlemen's Alliance+

Post by Spellcaster »

I love Shinshi Doumei Cross (Title in Jap)

It's got loads of twists in the storyplot and is humorous aswell as sad.

haha your friend is right.
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Re: the Gentlemen's Alliance+

Post by Black-Harmonia »

I love the series too.
Sometimes it gets confusing for me because the art is so overtoned but I like the story. I'm only up with the english volumes that have been released.
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