Which is better? KH or KH2

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Which game do you find better based on all elements?

Kindom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts 2
Total votes: 6

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Re: Which is better? KH or KH2

Post by lil-kawaii-kat »

Wellsiree...In My opinion, I think I like both games tied. I like KH1 because I found the storyline better and not as confusing as KH2...

On the other hand, I like KH2 because of the new actions and newer graphics...

So I'm caught in the middle. I stay neutral. They both rock!! :D

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Re: Which is better? KH or KH2

Post by Black-Harmonia »

Ive only played kh2. But my friend told me that after she beat that and played the 1st one, she kept thinking it would have been better if Axel and Roxas were in it XD
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Re: Which is better? KH or KH2

Post by Ichigo »

KH 1 cause after you beat it and play KH 2, theres not too many more cool suprises
playing KH2 never gave me the same feeling when i played KH 1
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Re: Which is better? KH or KH2

Post by Cloud Leonhart »

KH1, because it's got some of the cooler abilities and the fighting seems more fun, probably because of the difficulty. KH2 should've really had dodge roll... :heh:
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Re: Which is better? KH or KH2

Post by Matt ????? »

i was really missing the dodge roll from KH1 too.but KH2 has the dash move.
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