.Hack//Gu Vol.1

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Himiko Herosheme~Princess

.Hack//Gu Vol.1

Post by Himiko Herosheme~Princess »

omg!!! I'm been playing Gu and it's freaking COOL!!!!!!!

I'm like soooo in to it i feel like playing it right now!!!!!


I have a laptop!! yayz!!!
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Re: .Hack//Gu Vol.1

Post by Tyche »

Woot!! Haseo is the Hottness :love:

Vol. 2 is out in some places now too! I WANT ITT!!! :shock: :bounce:
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Re: .Hack//Gu Vol.1

Post by Blue Haired Jesus »

Vol. 2's awesome!
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Re: .Hack//Gu Vol.1

Post by G1 Optimus Prime »

The eighth and final lost weapon will have to wait till vol 3 Redemption, as Yata's(Nala's, Naobi's and Wiseman's player), avatar Fidichell will awaken in vol 3.
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Re: .Hack//Gu Vol.1

Post by WaffleGod »

Is the new game series better than the old one? I'm kind of interested, but I hated the original series =/
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Re: .Hack//Gu Vol.1

Post by Nyx »

I don't know the original one...But one and two are amazing!!
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Re: .Hack//Gu Vol.1

Post by faturahara »

i loved the original .hack games way better i own 1-4 and then the newer ones 1-3 they messed up on 1-3 i got bored on the first game and the story line isnt compelling enough im on the third one rigth now but i got so sick of it i stopped playing -_- at least in the originals i could get to the middle of number 4 before i got tired of it but for the story line i continued and beat the game ^-^ for every one that didnt try the originals do it but you must start on the first disk or you wont get the story line
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