Phoenix Wright!

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Phoenix Wright!

Post by Black-Harmonia »

I couldn't find a topic on this game.
Which is surprising because it's very popular and probably just one about one of the best for the DS. I recommend often and its something every gamer should have in their library.

For those who don't know. Phoenix Wright or (Gyakuten Saiben in Japan) is a series of games of the DS in which you are a defense attorney. It's really cool. Pick up the 1st installment, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

For those who've played it, Favorite Character and general opinion of the games?
And are you going to get the 4th installment, Apollo Justice?
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Re: Phoenix Wright!

Post by Ethereal Blaze »

i've played the first one. i found several little flaws that kinda annoyed me, and removing them woulda made the game so much more difficult. but i enjoyed it. i may end up picking a copy for my sister for her birthday. (she IS going halves on Oblivion GOTY Edition anyways for mine, lol)

my fave character is probably everyone's fave. Dick Gumshoe.
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Re: Phoenix Wright!

Post by The Evil Russell Crowe »

I see a little silhouetto of a man...

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Re: Phoenix Wright!

Post by Fangoram the Shaman king »

Phoenix Wright is AWSOME
my first DS game
Dick Gumshoe is the best NPC

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Re: Phoenix Wright!

Post by x_Sakura_Haruno_x »

It was a good game. I just played it at a friends house the other day. The first one was the best by far!!
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Re: Phoenix Wright!

Post by Twilight Night Wolf »

Yeah the Phoenix Wright Trilogy is great (there's going to only be 3 games starring Nick) a comedy court drama starring a young Lawyer whom when ever he takes a case it seems the world immeadatly turns against him lol. I have all 3 of them and I agree Gumshoe is great I also liked Egdeworth (after the first 3 cases of PW1) and Franziska.
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Re: Phoenix Wright!

Post by crystal.tears »

I am in love with this game series. Favorite character? Nearly everyone. They're all so lovable, especially our clueless judge. Though I'm not sure whether I like Ace Attorney or Trials and Tribulations more. They were both good. As for the fourth game? Heck yeah, I'm getting it. ^^

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Re: Phoenix Wright!

Post by Chocolate Milk »

I haven't bought it yet, but my friend has it - and it looks reaaaally good!
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