Marvel Vs Capcom 3

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Re: Marvel Vs Capcom 3

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[quote="Seiji Sawamura"]you do know a poll is going around on wat dlc should be in. Result are surprising, Stirder was 1st in capcoms previous poll and venom was as well, but were now send to 3rd. Venom is still #1 on marvels. as the poll shows. Vemon is 1st, Gambit is second and Carnage is 3rd. Votes are

Polls all over now ?

So do ya think Capcom & Marvel is gonna make the top what three/five on each sides list DLC or just the number 1's from each list into DLC ? :?
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Re: Marvel Vs Capcom 3

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Not yet. There is a little picture going around the net i happen to find tat someone actually posted a picture of 2 characters tat will might come in. Marvel's Side is Dr. Octopus, And capcom's is frank West.
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