k-on season 2??

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k-on season 2??

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i herd theyre cumin out wit season 2 :o
i luv to see k-on those lolis are so beutiful :oops: :oops:
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Re: k-on season 2??

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um...i wouldn't say loli...a legit loli is a girl with a within legal age of consent with a childs body...or if one is a hard core lolicon...even littel girls... um... the preferred term i would think would me Moe... :)

for more of a reference: http://chikorita157.notcliche.com/wp-co ... 4-scr1.jpg (the girl with the pink hair, would be considered a loli in comparing the other girls)

...and i can't wait for the next season, as long as they keep it light and as long as kyo-ani stays away from pure fanservice...i'm perfectly fine with more striped rice bowls :)
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