Mamoru vs. Seiya

Who is better for Usagi? Mamoru or Seiya?

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Re: Mamoru vs. Seiya

Post by may12 aka squeaky »

pick seiya because he was there for usagi when she was feeling really down and he really care for usagi
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Re: Mamoru vs. Seiya

Post by MARS4 »

OHMYGOSH, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? XD Mamoru and Usagi are supposed to be together!! I admit, I haven't watched Stars yet, But I'm DYING to(My goal is to collect every single Sailor Moon item in the universe XD), but Seiya seems like a jerk D: And yes, not to mention the fact that he is also a girl(Which is kind of weird, but oh well)
Then again, a long time ago, I used to like Ami and Taiki together. But then I remembered he was a girl, too, and I was like AUGH crud XD lol. So, anyway, Mamoru is my pick. Usagi wouldn't love Seiya >_<; Her and Mamoru are meant for each other. D< lol.
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Re: Mamoru vs. Seiya

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Seiya isn't a girl. He gets like that when he tranforms in Sailor Star. :) He's born like a boy.
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Re: Mamoru vs. Seiya

Post by nOo »

Well, it's very hard to choose.
I love them both LOL
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Re: Mamoru vs. Seiya

Post by sailormelody31 »

Screw all you Seiya and Usagi fans. I am a Rini fan so I love the Momaru and Usagi Pair. Also Seiya is a tranny so Ugh :x . And there is nothing wrong with Momaru he is cool and in the Manga and Live Action he is so cool and romantic :love: . Don't comment until you see and read the Manga, Anime, and Live Action ALL OF IT don't skip anything. Also to all of you who think Momaru is heartless for not replying to Usagi. HE HAD HIS STAR SEED STOLEN. It was on the plane ride in the beginning and is explained at the end during the battle with Galactica. Make sure to watch the whole show before sayin stuff. This is to you half hearted fans.

MOMARU ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!! :P :love: :love:
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