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Re: Racism

Post by SASSZAIN »

thats not racism lol.
thats natural.

I think its funy that when i'm talking to someone, I dont even realize the colour of their skin until either A: I get bored of the conversation and look away from their eyes, or B: they do/say something that falls under their stereotype.

wait, when did you get married?!
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Re: Racism

Post by nadlemgarcia »

I wonder why people act as if the world is shaped like a triangle. There is always a summit, a higher people, a rich and there are depressed people, low and below nine inches of the ground. I think, God made the world circle, so people will walk on the same equilibrium and flat. This is whereas, people just walk on a flat surface and all are equal. When will that happen? I hope there will come a time.
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Re: Racism

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there's rasicisim everywhere not just here we can't control how others feel about us.But only on how we react on what they say.
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Racism is bad. There are many variations in the world. Without variations, there wouldn't be as much to enjoy.
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