A poem by Zeo

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Please tell me if the poem is good.

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Zeo Zagart
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A poem by Zeo

Post by Zeo Zagart »

See the light in darkness,
Feel the cold in you body,
Your soul being destroyed,
Your conscience disappearing.

Became a puppet of some one,
Stronger that you,
Your kindness vanishing,
Your hart becoming stone, merciless and evil

Ignoring your fealings knowing that,
You shall never see the light of the moon,
Because your born in darkness,
and you shall never feel the warm sun on your skin,
Because, after all,
You livered only in the dreams of some one,
Strange and cruel,
That never had his own soul.

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Re: A poem by Zeo

Post by lin9 »

deep............ :twisted:
nice............ =D> =D> [-o< [-o< \:D/ \:D/ \:D/
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