my the god of death

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Re: my the god of death

Post by josh »

I just said it to be annoying actually.

But I don't advise using poor grammar, punctuation etc as a way to be innovative. It just makes your work come across as unprofessional. Anyway, now that you have me curious...why would you intentionally have poor grammar et cetera anyway? Does it enhance or benefit the work in anyway?

I personally don't think it's that big a deal on a forum like this where most people communicate in that silly language anyway, however, it is good to practice good habits.
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Re: my the god of death

Post by animaniac »

hey long time! nice poem, you write so well, i love it ^_^. It was sad but the last line made up for it ^_^ great work as usual =D> :mrgreen:
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Re: my the god of death

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Too emo. :x
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Re: my the god of death

Post by demonduckofdoom »

Yay! New poem!
Although some parts of it seem more like a piece of prose than a poem, I really like it, especially the line 'the fire that once burned in me is nothing but ash and soot now'. That's such a beautiful metaphor. =D>
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