Sexy no Jutsu: Chapter two

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Sexy no Jutsu: Chapter two

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Sasuke sighed. How come school was so boring? Now he had to sit next to that new chick. What was her name again? Oh yeah. Naruta. He looked over at her. She was doodling little monsters and what-not. Sasuke coughed, and looked down at his desk. He had no paper. He had no pencil. He had forgotten all his things at home. He had over-slept studing for a test that turned out to be rescheduled, and rushed to school. He was super-tired. But he had to take notes. And the only person to ask for a piece of paper and a pencil was...
"Hey," Sasuke whispered. Naruta looked at him.
"Got any paper? and a pencil?"
"Uh, I can do the pencil part, but not the paper. I'll get you a piece." Naruta poked the boy in front of her. He turned around and blushed.
"Hi. I forgot a piece of paper. Could I borrow a piece?" she asked with an innocent twinkle in her eyes.
"Sure..." he gave her a sheet.
"Thanks." he turned around and Naruta dug through her pocket.
"Here's your paper and pen. I have no pencil." she set them in front of him.
"Thanks..." he said quietly. He felt his cheeks grow a bit warmer, and he started to jot down notes.
~After School~
Sasuke was so glad when school got out. He was warm all the way through class, and he was really fidgity. It was nice to be in the open air. He sighed and headed for home. It was a sunny day, and it was breezy. A nice combination, right? Yeah. Sasuke decided to go for a walk, his brain was in a jumble for some reason.
Number One - He HAD stayed up all night studing for a test.
Number Two - He had to sit next to that new chick.
Number Three - He wanted to go to sleep.
Sasuke's walk had led him straight home, he was exausted. He diecided to eat a quick dinner and go to bed. He unlocked the door to his house and looked around. His house was neat. Thank God, he thought, the fangirls didn't steal things today. His address had gotten out to practicly all the girls in his class, and most of them would steal his dirty shirts, or pants, whatever they could get their hands on. Although, he wondered, I have to wonder HOW they get into my house. All this thinking of the fangirls was making him even MORE tired.
"[censored] dinner," he said with disgust. "I'm damn tired out of my mind." He didn't even bother to get into his pajamas, he just flopped onto his bed and fell asleep.
~The Next Day~
Sasuke woke up at 5:43 the next morning, which was before his alarm clock. He shut it off and rubbed his eye.
"Ew," he said rubbing his eye some more. "Eye crusties." When he was younger, his mom would always say, 'Sasuke-chan, you have eye crusties. Why don't you clean them out when you wake up?' So it became a habit to him to clean out his eyes in the morning.
"Ugh...It's so early...But I'm not sleepy...Damn it..." he sat in bed for a minute and watched time creep by.
He finally diecided to get up and take a shower. Why not? He was bored and school didn't start until 9. When he was done with that, he ate a granola bar for breakfast while watching the morning news.
"There was a robbery at this ramen stand last night by our village's number one ramen-lover, Mr. Uzumaki Naruto. The owner reported that 8 ramen mixes were stolen, and Mr. Uzumaki left graffiti all over the walls..."
"Naruto, you baka. I've told you time and time again...That you could just buy ramen from the store."
"Now back to you."
"Thanks Jen, now to Keriko with the weather."
"Thanks Tom," Keriko said cheerily.
"I wonder why these people have such weird names..." Sasuke sighed and threw the last bit of his granola bar in his mouth. He watched the news reporters drone on and on about what all the bad things that were going on in the world. Soon it was 8:40. He turned off the TV and grabbed his book. Yeah, BOOK. He carried everything in a book, his pencil in his pocket. He walked down the street, most people weren't out right now, just mostly store clerks and faithful employees. He looked at the sky. Clear and crystal blue. The forecast HAD said no rain today. Sasuke was in an unusually good mood. His face didn't show it, but inside there was a wonderful feeling he had never really felt before.
"Hey, you're that kid that asked me for the pen the other day," said a voice from behind. "Guess..." the girl glomped him and covered his eyes. "...Whooooo!!" she giggled playfully.
"What the-?!" Sasuke felt his cheeks grow warmer.
"Guess who, guess who!!" the girl said, still giggling.
"You're that new girl who I sit next to...What's your name again...?" The girl giggled again.
"It's Naruta."
"I knew that," Sasuke said. Naruta uncovered his eyes and walked in front of him.
"Of course you did," she said with a mocking grin. That mocking grin suddenly turned into mocking laughter.
"Wh-What are you laughing at?!" Sasuke said, his cheeks taking on a nice shade of pink.
"Hee hee...You're face...It's turning all pink," she said pinching one. "Why is that?" Sasuke reached up to smack her hand away, but he diecided against it and set his hand back down.
"...I don't know..." he finally replied quietly. Sasuke was having a good morning, up until now. Now he had become a bit uneasy, with this weirdo chick pinching his cheek. His hands were curling and uncurling at his sides.
"Hm. You're a loner aren't you?"
"All the girls seem to like you...And yet you still feel left out."
"What you need, is a friend," Naruta said, finally letting go of his cheek and resetting them to her hips. "And I'll be that friend you need!"
"Well? Why don't we get to school, 'buddy'?" she said with a snicker. Sasuke gave her a cruel smirk of his own.
"Sure, 'pal'." Naruta let out some laughter, which could be best described as cruel, or maybe even mocking. Sasuke let out a cackle of his own, which turned into pure evil laughter, which caused Naruta to join him. Once they settled down, Sasuke smirked at her and said:
"You know, you really are a bad influence."
"Ohhhh~, but it's my influences that get you all rillied up." she said with a suggestive grin. Sasuke got a little creeped out by this, but it made him blush a bit. "Your cheeks are turning pink again...Pink is my faaaaavorite color," Naruta cooed.
"I see..." Sasuke said, blushing more. Naruta gently caressed his cheek with her finger.
"You seem a little worried...A little tense..." she shrugged and pulled her finger away. She began humming a tune. Sasuke looked at her and a million thoughts raced through his head. He looked down to his shoes, and they walked to school, Naruta humming a nice little tune.
Maybe, just maybe, this wouldn't be so bad.

~End Chapter 2~
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Re: Sexy no Jutsu: Chapter two

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