Ciphers: Wanna give it a go?

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Ciphers: Wanna give it a go?

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Friend of mine made one about a month ago, and I just came upon it again after going through my comp. Decided to make my own which is kinda straight forward. 6 by 6 grid; Z is excluded or can be considered 0-0 on the lower left box, the numbers go along the bottom and left most rows.
Z 1 2 3 4 5

Your job is to fill in the cipher and solve the puzzle.

Q: 14-23-55-25 25-33-35-44 33-52 33-25?
A: 52-25-22-24; 23-55-35-35-44-13 25-33-35-44!

Hint: 55 is A; 11 is U. Solve away peoples. ^^
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