Sexy no Jutsu: Chapter Three

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Sexy no Jutsu: Chapter Three

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Naruta woke to her annoying alarm clock. She slammed it down on her nightstand, then threw it to the ground. It continued to ring.
"D'mit." she mumbled. "Shut up...!" she picked up the alarm clock and looked at the time. 6:45. She groaned. "I dun wanna got to skooooool...More sleeeeeep..." she curled back under her covers. Her gears started clicking. "OH MY GOD, SCHOOOOOL!!! I'M GONNA BE LAAAAAATE!!!!!!" she jumped out of bed and quickly warmed up some ramen, and got into some clothes. "DAMN IT, I'M GONNA BE LAAAAATE!!" she ran out the door and saw Sasuke walking down the street. Oh, she thought. It's Sasuke. He thinks he's soooooo cool. Walking to school alone. What a dickhead. She smirked a bit. But there's no reason that I couldn't mess with him a bit.
"Heeeeey...You're that kid who asked me for a pencil the other day," she said, trying not to sound sarcastic. She walked up behind him, but just enough room to..."Guess..." she glomped him and covered his eyes. "...Whoooooo!" she giggled playfully.
"What the-?!" Naruta smirked, but continued to giggle.
"Guess who, Guess who!" she said, still giggling.
"You're that chick I sit next to...What's your name again...?"
"It's Naruta." she removed her hands from his eyes and walked in front of him. She smirked a bit.
"I knew that," he said, his cheeks taking on a nice shade of pink.
"Of course you did," she said with a mocking grin. He's blushing, she thought. He's actually blushing. She started laughing mockingly.
"Wh-What are you laughing at?!" he asked, almost shouting.
"Hee hee...Your face...It's turning all pink," she pinched his cheek. "Why is that?" she noticed his hand move up out of the corner of her eye, but soon it went back down.
"...I don't know..." he replied quietly. Well, might as well just become his friend...Why not?
"Hm. You're a loner, aren't you?"
"All the girls seem to like you...yet you still feel left out."
"What you need, is a friend," she said, finally letting go of his cheek and reseting her hands to her hips. "And I'll be that friend you need!"
"Well? Why don't we get to school, 'buddy'?" she said with a snicker. Sasuke threw her a cruel smirk.
"Sure 'pal'." Naruta began to laugh. It was a cruel laugh, which caused Sasuke to laugh too. After they were done, Sasuke looked at her and said:
"You really are a bad influence." he said. Then Naruta did something she really shouldn't have.
"Ohhhh~, But it's my influences that get you rilled up." she said with a suggestive grin. She was mentally beating herself with a bat for doing that. His cheeks were turning pink again. "You're turning pink again," she said poking his cheek. "Pink is one of my faaaaaavorite colors." she cooed.
"I see..." he said, his cheeks turning a bit redder.
"You seem a little worried...Maybe even tense," she said. She shrugged and pulled her finger away. "It's not my problem anyway," she said under her breath. She began humming a tune. What kind of tune, she really didn't know, she was bored, and Sasuke was unusually quiet. So what's new? After humming for what seemed like an hour, Sasuke finally spoke up.
"Whatcha humming?"
"Eh, nothing in particular. Why, is that bad?" she said looking at the boy.
"Well no. I was just curious."
"I see. Oh. We're at school." she said.
"See you in class," he said, hurrying away. Naruta shook her head.
"What a nimrod," she said to herself. A boy raced up to her.
"Hi, hi!" he said. He looked like he had thirty cups of coffee for breakfast.
"Uh, hi," she said, giving him a confused look. "May I help you?" she asked.
"I know you don't know me, but this is my advatage, so I think your really pretty, and bye!" he ran away. Naruta had a puzzled look on her face.
"Oooookaaaay..." she said. "That was the most creepiest thing that ever happened to me since yesterday." she shuddered at the thought of Kiba almost raping her. "God, that was so nasty."
"Hi Naruta!" Two boys said entering the school grounds.
"Who are you...?" she said to herself, smiling and waving slowly. She pulled down her skirt a bit and tugged on her sleeves so they covered her hands. She folded her arms and walked towards the building. About a million boys said hi to her and she gave them a look that said 'Don't talk to me, I hate all human beings.' she opened the doors and almost a hundred more boys said hi. When she reached her locker, Kiba was there, leaning up against it.
"Okay, What do you want, Dog Breath? I have zero tolerance to talk to you."
"Hey, hey. No need for insults." he said calmly. "I just wanted to say sorry for acting that way yesterday. I didn't mean to."
"It sure as hell looked like you meaned to," she said coldly. "Can I get to my locker now? I need to get to class."
"Sure, here you go." Kiba moved to the locker next to it. She did her combination, messing up a few times. "Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT!" she slammed her foot into her locker. Kiba looked at her, raising an eyebrow. She finally got it right, and opened it, forcefully shoving it into his face.
"Ow," he said, but it was muffled behind the locker door.
"Oopsie. Sorry about that," she said smiling. She obviously meant to do that. She pulled it away from the wall, and Kiba peeled his face off the door. His face was all red. Naruta had a hard time keeping in her laughter, and it spilled out, a huge stream of pure laughter.
"Oh, oh, You should SEE the look on your face!!" she said. She continued to laugh and soon sunk to the floor holding her sides. "Oh God, Oh God, It hurts!!" she said, tears streaming down her face. Kiba looked at the blonde haired girl on the ground, laughing at him, for slamming his face into a locker. He blinked a couple times. Once Naruta calmed herself, and her breathing returned to normal, Kiba offered her his hand to help her up. She took it and got up.
"Hee hee, Thanks," she said wiping the tears away. "Ahh, there's nothing better than physical humor," she said, giggling a bit. "Well, I'm going to class. Kick your ass later, Dog Boy," she said walking down the hall. She entered the class and headed to her seat.
"Hello," she said, plopping down next to Sasuke.
"Hi," he said boredly.
"Why so glum, chum?" she asked, poking his cheek. A pretty stupid line, but she didn't really care.
"Eh, I'm always like this," he said.
"I got something that'll cheer you up," she said pulling out a piece of paper.She scribbled something ing it and crumpled it up in a ball. She looked around the room and looked at Kiba. She smirked. She aimed and-
"What the hell are you doing?!" Sasuke hissed. She threw the paper wad as hard as she could, dead aim for Kiba's head. Clunk.
"Score." she whispered.
"Who threw that?!" he said looking around. He looked up at Sasuke and Naruta. Naruta smirked at him and made a motion to open the paper. Kiba opened the paper wad. It said, dead in the center:
Hey, remember when you got hit with the locker door? That was funny. ~ Naruta <3
He looked back at her, and she gave him a playful wink. He blushed a little and turned around. Iruka walked in.
"Good morning, class." He looked at his list of students. "Naruto's not here again? Ugh. Probably out playing hookie." This caused Naruta to gag and cough on her own saliva.
"Hey, you okay?" Sasuke asked.
"Ugh, Yeah, I'm fine." she said, hitting her chest lightly.
"Well, take out your notes from yesterday, and we'll continue." there was shifting of papers, and then the clacking of pencils, pen, and Iruka's chalk. Naruta sighed. She pulled out a piece of paper. She doodled, like she always did. What seemed like hours, The bell finally rang for lunch.
"Oh thank God," Naruta said as she gathered her things. She got up and walked out of the classroom. It was like a traffic rush, as all the students in the school ran towards the cafeteria to gobble down on food. Naruta had to practicly shove her way through the crowd to get to her locker. Once she got to it, she sighed in relief and started opening her locker. She threw her books in her locker and pulled out a granola bar.
"I could of done so much better," she said quietly to herself. She sighed and closed her locker. She walked down the hall, which was depressivly quiet, now that everyone was outside. She diecided to walk around school. She walked down the abandoned hallway, and looked around. She was soon lost.
"Aw, damn it." she heard the stomping of shoes. "Huh?" she looked behind her to see Sasuke running at her, full speed. There was a mob of drooling fangirls behind him. "Sasuke? What's going on?"
"HIDE ME, DAMN IT!" Sasuke hid behind Naruta. She looked at the mob who stopped in front of the pair.
"HEY YOU! Get away from Sasuke-kun!"
"Yeah, you heard her!"
"GET AWAY FROM SASUKE!" Naruta thought for a minute. She smirked.
"I don't want to. Nor do I have to." she said smirking. She turned around and looked at Sasuke. She winked at him. She wrapped her arms around Sasuke's neck. "He's mine now ladies," she said, bending her head back painfully. "If you want him, you'll have to fight me for him." she winked at them. The girls shrieked in horror, their worst nightmares coming true: Sasuke wasn't single. They ran away, still screaming and some crying. Naruta sighed and let go of Sasuke.
"Why...Why did you say that?"
"What? You wanted them away, didn't you? So, I helped you out a bit. They should leave you alone for a while. Well, I'm going to eat my lunch. See ya."
"W-Wait a second!" Naruta looked back at Sasuke.
"What is it?"
"Uh, that is, um...Thanks..." he whispered. Naruta blinked. She smiled at him.
"No problem."

~End Chapter 3~
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Re: Sexy no Jutsu: Chapter Three

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