Sexy no Jutsu: Chapter Four

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Sexy no Jutsu: Chapter Four

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Damn. Damn damn damn damn, Sasuke thought. He was mad. He was minding his own business until these drooling fangirls chased him, then he met up with Naruta, then she says that they're going out. Why was life so hard?! He saw Naruta at her locker. She was hitting her head on the inside of her door.
"Oh God, what have I done, What have I done? I'm such an idiot, I'm such an IDIOT!" she said out loud to herself. "Why did I do that? I'm such an idiot!" she looked at her hands. "I can't believe myself. This is so stupid. I should just drop this stupid prank and forget about it." she closed her locker and buried her face in her hands. "God, if Sasuke finds out about this...I'll...I'll be dead." Sasuke had a confused look on his face. "And if Iruka-sensei finds out...I'll be dead either way. I have to make sure no one finds out."
"Finds out about what?" Sasuke asked. His eyes widened and he covered his mouth. Naruta looked over to the corner where Sasuke was standing and listening. Naruta's eyes widened.
"Nothing. It's non of your business, Sasuke." she said.
"Who was the one who said that I was yours? You did. So you might as well tell me."
"No. I'm not going to."
"I guess I'm gonna have to pry it from you,"
"Oh yeah? How do you propose to do that?" she opened her eyes to see Sasuke's arm near the side of her head.
"Tell me." he said quietly. Naruta's eyes widened, and she blushed deeply. Sasuke's brows furrowed. "You better tell me."
"...Or what?" Naruta asked quietly.
"I dunno. I haven't thought of anything yet."
"Then I'm not gonna tell you." she whispered back with a smirk. The pair stood there in the sielence of the hallway, staring deep into each others eyes, maybe trying to figure out what the other was thinking.
"I thought of something I could threaten you with."
"Oh yeah? What is it?"
"If you don't tell me..." he moved closer. "...Then I'll be forced to kiss you." Naruta's eyes widened at that. Sasuke smirked.
"I...I can't tell you. It's against my religon." she said with a smirk.
"Hmph. Then you won't get a kiss."
"Who said I wanted one?"
"Good point." The bell rang. Sasuke quickly jolted away from Naruta and looked at her as if that little event never happened.
"I'm going to my locker. See you later." he said waving. He walked down the hall towards his locker. His carefully, and slowly, ran the footage from his memory bank again. "I threatened to kiss her," he said queitly to himself. "I'm such a [censored] retard." He opened his locker and took out his book. He headed towards the classroom.
~During Class~
Sasuke couldn't sit still. He was strumming his fingers, crossing and uncrossing his legs, chewing on his pencil- Ew, pencils taste bad. He was soon just slouched over and falling asleep. Naruta noticed this and slammed her hand down on the table. Sasuke jumped up and looked at her like she was a crazy mutant alien.
"What's all the racket?" Iruka demanded.
"There was a fly on our desk. I got it, by the way." she said smiling.
"Alright, back to the lesson." Iruka said, moving back to the board. Sasuke sighed and slouched over again.
~After School~
Sasuke hurried out of school, not wanting to face the blonde bombshell after school.
"Sasuke! Hey Sasuke, wanna walk home together?" Naruta called out.
"Oh God...What did I get myself into?"
"Hi Sasuke!" Naruta said brightly. "Shall we?"
"...I guess." he said quietly. The pair was soon walking down the dirt path.
"So do you wanna go out for a walk? Or are you just gonna go home?"
"I usually take a walk after school. Usually it calms me down."
"I see. So shall we take a walk, Sasuke?"
"I don't care if you tag along, Naruta. I guess it'd be nice to have someone to talk to."
"Yeah, I don't really like being alone, to tell the truth." she said, looking into the tree tops. The bright sun soaked through the leaves, leaving a nice toasty warmness in the forest.
"Neither do I. But I already am."
"What?" Sasuke realized what he was spewing out, and quickly stopped himself.
"I-It's nothing," he stammered. "Just forget it." his pace quickened a bit. Naruta grabbed his hand, gently but firmly.
"Sasuke..." she said quietly. "...You can tell me. Maybe it'll help." Sasuke looked back at the girl. She looked worried. It was as if...Whatever was bothering him was bothering her, too. "I...I'm alone, too." she said, looking down at the ground. "I've always been alone. At my old school, no one ever talked to me. So...It's OK to be alone. Because you learn...That there's someone out there...Who doesn't want to be alone either...And they want to spend their entire life with someone...Who knows how they feel." Naruta smiled at Sasuke, but it wasn't a happy smile. It was sad. Sasuke looked at Naruta. She was broken. Just like him.
"...Yeah." Sasuke said quietly. "Yeah." Naruta's grip had tightened a bit. Sasuke looked at her. She was crying. "Ehhhh?! W-Wait a second, you don't need to cry about it!" he said. Naruta laughed a bit.
"Sorry...I can't help it." she said, wiping her tears away. "Sometimes...I just can't help but cry. Someone once taught me...That it was okay to cry. It was okay...To be sad, lonely, or afraid...Because we're just humans...With emotions that...Are just a clobbered up mess." Sasuke smiled a bit.
"That's true. Emotions...Sometimes get in the way." he said. Naruta smiled at him.
"Uh-huh." she said with a nod. "Well, I should be getting home now."
"Yeah...Me too." he said quietly. He was staring at their hands. He returned Naruta's grip and looked at her. He moved toward her, and pressed his lips to her warm cheek. He let it linger for a while, then pulled away. Naruta looked at him. He let go of her hands and walked away. Naruta moved her hand to her cheek and touched where Sasuke had kissed her.
"...He kissed me," she whispered. "Sasuke Uchiha kissed ME." she giggled a bit. She sighed and watched Sasuke walk down the road until he was out of sight.
~The Next Day~
Sasuke was nervous to go to school the next day, considering what happened the other day. Despite that fact, he didn't regret it. He gathered his things and headed out the door. He locked it with his house key and walked down the street.
"Good morning, Sasuke," a cheery voice said from behind. It was familiar. He turned around and saw Naruta walking towards him.
"Good morning," he replied.
"Hello! Wanna walk to school together?"
"Sure. I guess so." he said. Naruta smiled.
"I had a dream last night," she said.
"Really. I didn't have a dream last night."
"You were in it. And you kissed me like you did the other day. I thought it was kinda ironic," she said, rubbing her chin.
"Uh-huh." Sasuke blushed a bit.
"So yeah. That was pretty much it." she looked over at Sasuke. "Why did you kiss me?"
"Why did you kiss me?"
"Well, uh...I don't know, really. It just sorta happened."
"Uh-huh. You like me, don't you?"
"I've got you hooked," she smirked. "Yeah, I'm soooooooo pretty, you just can leave me alone! Or maybe it's my boobs." she tapped her chin in thought. Sasuke blushed at that statement and looked away. "It was my boobs, wasn't it? You're such a pervert!" she said giving him a playful little nudge. She laughed a bit. Sasuke's cheeks grew warmer, and his cheeks were now red.
"It wasn't your boobs, okay? I don't know why."
"Hee hee, Surrrrrrrrrrre. That's what they all say." she chuckled a little. "Heh, I was just kidding, you know. No reason to get upset," she poked his cheek.
"I know..."
"But I still got you hooked," she said dancing around him. "I've got you hoooked~ I've got you hooooked~" she pulled his cheeks. "Hooked!"
"Let go!" Sasuke said removing her fingers from his cheeks. He looked back at her and glared, but it came off as more of a pout.
"Aww...You're so cute when you're angry! Hee hee!" she smiled at him and poked his cheek. "Sasuke's an angry boooooy!"
"Ugghh...Just shut up...!" he said. He started walking away.
"Hey, wait!" Naruta said grabbing his hand. She looked at his hand and quickly let go. "N-Never mind. Just forget it...I gotta go...Ya know...To school...And stuff..." she ran off toward the school, blushing all the way.

~End Chapter 4~
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Re: Sexy no Jutsu: Chapter Four

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I moved this to talent as well.
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