Fallen Angles

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Fallen Angles

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This is the first few chapters of a story I started in 7th grade and it's been on my mind lately. I know it seems long, but it moves fast. Enjoy my crappy old writing


I awoke that morning at sunrise. I looked at my infant brother, Karasu, he was snoozing softly in the small blanket he was wrapped in. My eyes scanned the others.
My eyes fell on two of the birds, humming birds, the male’s name, Hogoteki, and the female’s Geki. They weren’t related or anything, they were just ment for eachotehr. It was obvious because their legs were intertwined with one another’s.
Slowly, I looked at the other set of lovers in this group. The Blue Jay, named Ochitsuite, and the cardinal, named Shinpai. Exact opposites who are deeply attracted with one another.
I went to check on the place where we hid our weapons for the night. I had two 99 magnums, the hummingbirds had one broadsword each, Ochitsuite uses nunchucks and Shinpai doesn’t need a weapon because he knows taijutsu.
Good, everything was still there, which ment that the Bounty Hunters dind’t know about our hiding spot. I heard my brother crying in the distance. I picked him up. I cold tell by the pitch in his cry that he was hungry.
Shinpai stirred, “Can you shut your brother up, Oni?”
“Shut up, Shinpai,” I said in a demanding tone, “You’re not helping.”
“Whatever Oni, take care of your useless brother,” Shinpai replied.
I grabbed a bottle and started feeding Karasu, “I don’t recall the Fates putting you in charge,” I said angrily.
“Well, they should have,” Shinpai mumbled, rolling on his side toward Ochitsuite.
“Well, you can just shut up!”
Shinpai laughed and fell asleep.

Chapter 1-Somewhere around Detroit, Michigan

I squinted at the morning light. My firey red hair fell down to my shoulders. I rose from my sleeping mat. I was on a journey to find the raven before mating season was over or I would have to wait another year to mate. The Fates said we were destined to mate for I am the one and only Eagle.

Chapter 2-Soaring

“Uhhh do we have to wake up so early?” groaned Shinpai.
“Yes, we’re in trouble, big trouble with the Fates, or at least I am. After all, we did just get one of the scared mating grounds burned down,” Oni replied, “The Fates will want to know what happened so we have to get home.”
“Does that mean we’ll have to go back to school?” Whined Shinpai.
“Yes. We are only 16, duh!” Ochitsuite replied.
“Awww man,” replied the entire group soaring in the air with their colorful wings flapping.
“Oni, are you gonna be alright? You already have a feaver. Plus with all this flying, your body’s gonna be really weak. You might passout and how do you plan to take punishment from the Fates?” Ochitsuite said>
“Yeah, yeah,” the Humming birds replied.
“Listen, that’s not important. What’s important is getting ho-“ but it was too late. Oni had passed out and was falling from the sky, and the rest of the group dove down to catch Oni before he fell on the ground.

Chapter 3-I’ll Save You

SPLASH! I jumped into a stream to bathe that morning.
I jumped at the sound of my own name, “Middle Fate, a little more warning next time, please.”
There were three Fates,-as described in Greek mythology-Older Fate, Middle Fate, and Younger Fate. Older Fate assigned Sparrow Mutants-part bird, part human and exactly how much of each we were of each is unknown-to the other two Fates. The only thing the Greeks were wrong about was their alliance and appearance.
This, by now should be obvious. So, they’re not in Hell with Hades, or in Heaven with Zeus, but on Earth with Sparrow Mutants.
In Greek mythology, the Fates were old, ugly, and shared one eye. In real life, though, these were beautiful young women, although their actual age is old, their bodies are physically about 20 years old. They all had different outfits except one thing-they all wore St. Pete’s Cross choker necklaces.
Middle Fate wore a black blouse and black pants-an unusual look on her silk white skin and eyes with her purple hair.
“Look up,” Middle Fate told me.
I gazed into the air and saw falling from the sky a Sparrow Mutant. Not just any Sparrow Mutant; I gasped when I saw the massive black wings, realizing that it was the Raven.
Regardless of my current condition, I started running. Just as I spread my wings and began to fly, I watched him stumble off a tree branch that broke his arm.
He was falling to the ground faster now. I knew if I didn’t hurry up, he’d break his neck, and I would never mate in my life.
Yes! I thought as I caught him minutes before he hit the ground. I turned around and went back to the spot where I left my clothes.
We used to love one another give to eachother lie undercover so, are you frined or foe?
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