Short Stories

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Short Stories

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Here are two short stories I've written, I shall add more to this thread as I write them. Opinions with reasons and critiques are very welcome :)

Shadows - Word prompt from: 'Shadows'. Gave myself a 5 minute limit and just wrote.

They drifted along the walls. Silent. Graceful. I didn't know who they belonged to, wasn't even sure I wanted to. But every night, when there was no moon, they were there. Dancing to an unheard music; moving in time with invisible bodies. But as time passed they no longer scared me, I had become used to them, even comforted. They provided me with company on those sleepless nights. Often I wondered what sort of music it was that they were dancing to. Was it classical? Rock and roll? Pop? No matter how long I studied their movements I could not identify the style; if there even was a style. They moved gracefully, never bothered by the presence of a light from another direction.

Perhaps they were people's lost shadows, like in Peter Pan, but how did one lose their shadow? Were these the shadows of those who had died before their time? Forever to exist without a body until they were too old to continue their dance? Perhaps they had stories to tell. Of their lives and those that had lived in this place before me. It would be interesting to sit and listen, but I know they have no voices, at least, no voices that can be heard by human ears. For now I am content to watch their dance, but maybe one day, in the far off future, I will be able to hear their music, join in their dance and listen to their stories...

Introduction - Just a little bit of silliness really :heh: thought I would try writing something with only speaking.

"Hello! My name is Ari and this is my-"
"Heeeey, why are you talking to yourself?"
"I'm not talking to myself; I'm narrating my life to viewers!"
"What viewers? There's no-one here but you and me. You're a little silly aren't you?"
"I am not silly! And the viewers are there, so please let me get back to my narrating!"
"Okay, you don't mind if I stay here and watch you talk to yourself do you?"
"I told you I'm not talking to myself! And do whatever you want as long as you be quiet! As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, this is my life in high school as a-...why are you giving me that look?"
"You said you're in high school but you're not."
"I'm in high school if I say I am. So quiet! Okay continuing before I was rudely interrupted, as a newly 16-ye-...stop laughing!!!"
"Haha I'm sorry, but-hahaha, you don't look anything like a 16-year-old!"
"Why do you keep spoiling my voice-over!? You're so mean!"
"I'm not mean! It's just that you're doing it all wrong, you're saying who you wanna be not who you are."
"Hmph! Fine you do it then if you're so smart!"
"This is what you should be saying: 'Hi all! My name's Sarah and I am 10-years-old! I am currently in my second last year of primary school and my life is just starting to get interesting!' Also why did you say your name was Ari?"
"Because Sarah is soooo boring! By the way who are you?"
"Oh me, I'm just a passing by 13-year-old boy who's in hi-"
"LIAR! You're Georgia's 11-year-old brother!"
"If you knew then why did you ask?"
"Because I knew you'd be a hypercrate."
"You mean a hypocrite. Do you even know what that means?"
"Yes of course!"
"What does it mean?"
"See! I knew it! You don't!"
"QUIET! I do know! I hate you!"
"Awww don't run off! ...I hate you too!"
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Re: Short Stories

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