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Full Crescent

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Hi guys, I've started a new web comic called Full Crescent and I wanted to see what you guys think about it. It's a comic for those looking for a good, strong story (meaning if you're jus looking for a hack & slash, this mite not be for you, until episode 18 anyway) But here's the premise of it...

Genre: Action/Drama

Season 1 Plot: The Jzoner, protector of the Earth, must stop a cult group known as the Spellcasters, a deadly group of spell users, from taking over the world. But while doing so the Jzoner learns about his unknown pass and about the true secret of his home world and why he even exists at all. With the help of a spell using jewel thief named Hexia and a Military cyborg named Flint, the Jzoner must find out the secrets that lie within him in order for him to stop the Spellcasters before they bring an end to the human race.

Episode 18 is best for those who just wanna jump into it and it'sHere
but for those who want to see the whole story, episode 1 begins Here
-episode one is mostly the intro episode to lay down the foundation for everything and the story comes together (meaning all the main characters come together and the quest starts) at about episode 4.

But other than dat, thanks guys and tell me what cha think and the comic is weekly, so if you like, subscribe and enjoy
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