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Re: Living Memory

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Not exactly how Sass put it but close. I just know not to give a dog too much chocolate. As long as you stay away from dark chocolate and only give them normal chocolate every now and then It'll be ok. We did with my dog and she lived to 17 years old
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Re: Living Memory

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Very good Poem! My condolences on the passing of your canine. :(

I don't believe in all that hype of 'ZOMFG!1!!!1 DONT GIVE DOGS CHOCOLATE!!" I know several people whose dogs have gotten into chocolate, and they were not affected. Actually, a family I know left home for a while one night(it was around Thanksgivng or Christmas time) and their Boxer, Popeye, got into their tin cans they left on the table. There was about 3 lbs of chocolate and caramel, and he ate everything. He was completely fine.
Not that it's something to not be concerned about. They could have it occasionally, and in moderation, if you give it to them or they happen to get a hold of it.
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