Returning Home (tribute to all OG members of AA)

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Returning Home (tribute to all OG members of AA)

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I stand here upon this plateau,..overlooking the most beautiful of tragedies.
my eyes searching the skyline, i find nothing but architecture most foreign.
though my memory betray me, heart tells me this is home.

yet how can i find faith in such oddity,...this is not my home.
where are the faces i once knew,...the childhood laughter

though i press on, digging through the rust, tearing away the twisted parts in fervent mania.
surely there is some vestige of familiarity,..some sanctuary of old in which to anoint myself anew.
onward i did press,..until the flesh did give way from my fingers.

slowly i see the faces,..memories and ghost of a different life, a burning passion fueling my deluded endeavors. i must succeed, away these false gods and resurrect the voices of old.

my brothers, most cherished friends...
where have you wandered? have you forsaken this place,..choosing instead to find fortune on new wings. Or are there yet still those of you who lay in wait,..undaunted by the passing years.

unafraid of the coming twilight that seems fast approaching...

where are the voices that once spoke radiance into the life of an already resplendent world,....
where is the heart of AA...

and so i shall continue searching,..ever more tearing myself away
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