Dbaf is real

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Dbaf is real

Post by Dragon X »

It's real there's a comic just search www.toyble.com/dbaf or check www.youtube.com then search toyble/dbaf.
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Re: Dbaf is real

Post by SASSZAIN »

Of course its real :/ Its just not in the anime, at all.
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Re: Dbaf is real

Post by Yamasachihiko »

I read what I could find of it, its drawn pretty much in the same style that the later parts of DB(Z in America) was. Part of it made Goku look unfaithful, hopefully it was more like that lady.. umm got him while he was asleep OR she used…. ooo eee ooo Mind Tricks!!!

Edit : that toyble sites gone now.. nothing a search can't fix.

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