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re: South Park

Post by Kenshin »

I like when the did the Jesus one when the tied up Caman to the Cross and after like a week he just went skinny

re: South Park

Post by Dragonfire »

i love south park!!! :D it's an awsome funny show =D> my favorite characters are Kenny and Stan
Pennyroyal Tea
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re: South Park

Post by Pennyroyal Tea »

i love the movie i watched a lot of times
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re: South Park

Post by Forgotten »

Oh yes, South Park, the best. even if it's full of sensuality and so on... it is a very interesting and fascinating. Shocks' I truly am a Jack tv fanatic!
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re: South Park

Post by vampirelord »

i love sp :love: my favorite episode is when a kid stole cartmans money or whatever and he try to take it back every way he can think of the thing is he ended up choping(i dont know if i spelled it right u know choping like in cutting them killing them) hes family and feeding him in a chili.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah he kill his parents then he fed hes son with the parent chili hahahahahahahahahahah i love it
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re: South Park

Post by Pink Supervisor|EL »

i luv the one where they play Private Detectives and the rich kids play FBI

that episodes Awsome :mrgreen:
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re: South Park

Post by Captain Jack Sparrow »

I watched the one about the Whale that talked that was on recently It was ok but the ending was freaking funny!! xDDDDDDDDD
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re: South Park

Post by Commander~Lightning~Spike »

It's not my thing.
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South Park

Post by Kaos »

Whos your favorite character in South Park? Whars your favorite episodes?

Mine is Towley! Hes the best!
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Re: South Park

Post by Spetsnaz »

Kenny all the way!
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Re: South Park

Post by Hinato kazuya »

This disussion is a TV theme and belongs in TV and Movie discussions.
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Re: South Park

Post by Gaming Goddess »

xxSaphiraxx wrote:
Mine is Towley! Hes the best!

I can do his voice like spot on.

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Re: South Park

Post by Coynotreally »

I'm for Kenny to he's awesome.
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Re: South Park

Post by LIL WHITEY »

Cartman all the way and I need not explain.

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Re: South Park

Post by Cody-kins »

Twilight_Demon wrote:Kenny all the way!
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Re: South Park

Post by KoYue »

My favorites are Kyle, Stan, and Butters for some reason that I am not really sure of. :|
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