My Neighbor Totoro

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Naota 261
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My Neighbor Totoro

Post by Naota 261 »

Has anyone seen this movie? I recently saw it and even though it was childish... i still thought it was one of the best anime movies i've ever seen.
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re: My Neighbor Totoro

Post by ~GhOsTy~ »

my teacher showed us the dubbed version when i was in japanese 10 ha ha it was kewl especially that cat with all the legs :mrgreen:
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Re: My Neighbor Totoro

Post by shinolover »

I just recently saw it thursday its childish but cute and a great movie if u have a really huge imagination
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Re: My Neighbor Totoro

Post by Ryukon »

Saw the movie about almost a decade ago.

I still like it even now. Reminds me of the more easier years in my life. :lol:
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Re: My Neighbor Totoro

Post by Sanakan »

I watched it... and afterward I was all "WTH was that?" but I liked it. only saw the end half though so I want to watch it all together at some point. it was cute! I liked the cat-bus...thing :heh:
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