Because Of Winn Dixie

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Because Of Winn Dixie

Post by InuyashaX »

Has anyone seen Because Of Winn Dixie?
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Re: Because Of Winn Dixie

Post by Gaming Goddess »

I have. I hate it. I truly hate it. I want to pour molten iron on the director.
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Re: Because Of Winn Dixie

Post by Mai »

I that this movie was a no-go.
But I'm for anytihng B-rated.
And I'm sure it couldn't be that bad.
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Re: Because Of Winn Dixie

Post by 21jumpcheat »

I haven't been to Winn Dixie since I was a little kid when I lived in the South. I didn't even know it' still existed.
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Re: Because Of Winn Dixie

Post by Puppy »

Did they really film The movie "Because of Win Dixie" in the Winn Dixie Store? :-k

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