Death Note Movie 1 & 2

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Death Note Movie 1 & 2

Post by Full Metal »

:color: Has anyone watched the Death Note movies? Do you like them? I like them alot! :love:

Do you think they did a good job on the people?
Some of my friends think that the person that played L was reeeeaaaalllyyyy bad. I liked him though.

Did you guys like the first movie or the second movie better? I think the second movie rocked!
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Re: Death Note Movie 1 & 2

Post by Ethereal Blaze »

i havn't seen them yet, but i have a friend who owns both. they look cool (by cover) but, i can't wait to see the transition from animation to Live Action, y'know?
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Re: Death Note Movie 1 & 2

Post by Tyche »

I wanna see it. :bounce: The guy who plays L is so cute. :love:
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Re: Death Note Movie 1 & 2

Post by OniKira »

I've seen the movies, thought they were alright...If the original creator of Deathnote were to end the series with L's death, then the plot portrayed in the films would be a good of way doing so.

Otherwise, I do not like how the films did not adhere to closely to the original story. I would consider them a nice alternative story line.

It's very difficult to act like L and portray him, so I can see how finding a good actor for the job would difficult. Nonetheless, the guy who played L did a decent job.

Light was not well portrayed though...

Idk, overall, 6/10. I prefer the manga over all else though.
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Re: Death Note Movie 1 & 2

Post by tsukky-chan! »

i have seen both movies... and as far as i can say, they both captured the feel of the anime... but you probably won't understand the story if you haven'nt read the manga yet... :lol:
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