The New Harry Potter Movie

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Re: The New Harry Potter Movie

Post by DanceHallDrug »

There wasn't any Quidditch in the movie--I like watching Quidditch!! They also left out the whole "Weasley Is Our King" song by Malfoy; that would've been funny to watch! :(
But I did like Evanna Lynch as the actress for Luna Lovegood.
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Re: The New Harry Potter Movie

Post by Keilu »

I think the same and donĀ“t forget theyleft out that Malfoy is part of SiriusĀ“s family
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Re: The New Harry Potter Movie

Post by Nyx »

They barely went into that at all. :evil:
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Re: The New Harry Potter Movie

Post by Sheraku »

Yeah Order of the Phoenix totally stomps the rest, but the funny thing is both me and my friend watched it and don't remember crap from it^^
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Re: The New Harry Potter Movie

Post by Intoxicated Pixie »

It was definatly the best- Daniel Radcliffe was so hot! lol i wanted Quidditch as well, but apart from that it was so much more accurate then the previous movies. Umbridge was awesome lol.
Oh. The harry/Cho kiss sucked. they stood there with their lips together. lol but whatever.
Anyway yeah the harry/voldemort battle was cool too, i almost cried when sirius died! so sad!!! lol
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Re: The New Harry Potter Movie

Post by may12 aka squeaky »

the movie was awwesome i can't wait for the dvd when come out i always wanna see deatle seen from the movie
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