I Am Legend

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I Am Legend

Post by Katsuyo »

When i saw this trailer on tv i wanted to see this movie so bad what do you all think?

Stars Will Smith and Comes out in theaters December 14

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Re: I Am Legend

Post by Cold Revolver »

Yeah I seen it, im going to check it out. looks like fun.
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by Coynotreally »

It looks pretty good.
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Jamie Madrox
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by Jamie Madrox »

will smith is alright

i may see it
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by HeroicFool »

The trailer confuses and enrages me...

I like Will Smith, but is there anyone else in the movie? ;)
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by WAKAI_sukebe »

tigers lions monkeys chip the chimp leer the lion

but the movie looks gud
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by Captain Jack Sparrow »

The movie looks great, can't wait to see it. :pirate:
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by Matt ????? »

i think it looks interesting.i'd like to see it.
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by Aoi Sakuraba »

I'm go see it, it looks really good. As for Will Smith I havent seen enough of his movies to make an opinion
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by Yami Haga-Ryuzaki »

My sister's boyfriend burnt it on a bootleg DVD. (shhhhh!)

It's a pretty good movie. A little squeamish in some parts, but overall - it's pretty good.
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by Seto Kaiba's Girl »

I have yet to see the movie.
But I read the book ^-^
So I pretty much know all about it :mrgreen:

Its awesome.
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by shadow47 »

I thought the movie was ok but its not one of my favorites.
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by The Evil Russell Crowe »

It was cool but nowhere near as good as the book.
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by taguchi »

I thought the movie was extremly awesome!
This movie really was well made and I love that Will Smith got to play the part (:
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by Dretlin »

The Evil Russell Crowe wrote:It was cool but nowhere near as good as the book.
I havent read the book but I believe it is probably better.
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Re: I Am Legend

Post by Slash »

I've never read the book either, I just hope it didn't end the same way as the movie.

The movie ending seemed kinda rushed to me, and also kinda a cop-out.
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