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Aoi Sakuraba
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Re: Watchmen

Post by Aoi Sakuraba »

Hey Hey no spoilers I have to wait till the 28th to see it......
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Re: Watchmen

Post by DangerZone »

So how was it? I've been such a slacker lately I haven't even seen it yet. The marketing company I work for is doing a promotion for the "DVD WATCHMEN: Tales of the Black Freighter." It comes out Tuesday, I'm pretty stoked. I can't wait to go rent it along with "Quantum of Solace." Anyone else pumped?
Aoi Sakuraba wrote:Anyone else looking forward to this movie? It looks so badass, I can't wait until March 28th. I'll go see it in theaters.

Anyone else going to see it?
Pennyroyal Tea
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Re: Watchmen

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Yeah, you were right about me, but can I get myself out from underneath this guilt that will crush me? in the choir, I saw our sad Messiah he was bored and tired of my laments
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