Unknown horror / splatter film...

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Unknown horror / splatter film...

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I vaguely remember a horror / splatter film which I’ve been trying to track down but don’t remember the title.
I saw it on TV back in summer 1994 and it involved a crazy guy, who is his hallucinations was in contact with this sinister kid that was instructing him to kill people. In one scene they kill this girl at the wrong time and the kid proposes to split her wish bone (like a chicken) to decide who will get rid of her corpse. Towards the end of the film, the female leading actor discovers that the kid was actually a zombie / mummy (Similar to the crypt keeper from the tales of the crypt), when they come face to face in a dark cellar.

So anybody knows the name of the film and what year it was released?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Unknown horror / splatter film...

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