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Re: Anime theme song

Post by skygod07 »

I like Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne's OST especially with the first opening theme. I'd downloaded one of three version - Natural Version but the one in the anime was TX Mix Version. The title of the song is PIECE OF LOVE performed by SHAZNA. Hope anyone have PIECE OF LOVE - TV MIX version can tell me where could I download. I like it very much. Almost the whole net I looked but didn't have one that could download. In Malaysia, we don't have any shops that sells Anime's OST CDs.
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by ashura17 »

.lonely in gorgeous- paradise kiss
.sakura kiss- ouran HS host club
.remember, ryuusei, go!, wind, haruka kanata, harmonia- naruto
.undo, rewrite, kesenai tsumi, melissa, brother- full metal alchemist
.purachina, fruits candy, honey- card captor sakura
.secret and lies- a cheeky angel
.loop, jasmin- tsubasa chronicles
.baby low tension- peach girl
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by KariZa »

The Day It Begins by Minawo (D.N.Angel)

And many more. :mrgreen:
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by Sesshomaru-sama »

Last Regrets- Kanon 2006 (;_; )
a very sad song, but Key and Ayana were the perfect pair of vocalists for this song...

and of course:
Silly Go Round- .hack//Roots
great song by FictionJunction YUUKA i envy...
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by mpf23 »

I love 6 openings,
Overlap - Kimeru -Yu-Gi-Oh 5th Opening
Change The World - V6 -Inuyasha 1st Opening
Catch Me Catch You - Gumi -Card Captor Sakura 1st Opening
Sailor Stars - Kae Hanazawa - Sailor Stars Opening
Moonlight Densetsu - Moonlips -Sailor Moon Opening
The Biggest Dreamer - Wada Kouji -Digimon Tamers Opening
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by toyarox »

I really like Tori No Uta from Air and Ready, Steady, Go from FMA. :color:
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by r_a_i_n_e »

I like a lot of anime theme songs.

It's Gonna Rain (RK)
Soredemo ashita wa yattekuru (Ninku)
Ready Stready Go (Full Metal Alchemist)
Beautiful Alone (WeiB Kreuz)
Mou Sukoshi (Midori no Hibi)
Wonderful Days (Tennis no Oujisama)
Hoshi ni Negai Wo (Otougi Zoshi)
Little Planet (Law of ueki)
Realize (Gundam Seed Destiny)

...and many more. Check out my vodpod. If you want to see 'em. hehe.
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by babasarala »

there's this section from 15:51 to 18:30 in RahXephon 24th movement that sounds ridiculously amazing, and yet I can't seem to find any indication that it was released as an OST. It sounds like second sorrow from OST 3 but much more fast paced, and just overall more kickass... anyone know what it is???
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by killuakill »

um...theres hell lot of it my favorite anime is DearS chobits and trinity blood,revenger,fruit basket,lucky star and a lot more i cant remember all snice i sometime also dun remember i that day got shower anot :-&
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by Jamie Madrox »

i like a few like im just not good with titles
hellsings opening and triguns ending and
deathnote- opening and ending
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by Blue Haired Jesus »

I like the opening to Code Geass: COLORS by FLOW
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by otaku16 »

OMG there's loads of anime songs I like. :D

In no particular order:-

1. The opening to Neon Genesis Evangelion \:D/ :love:
2. The opening to Chrono Crusade
3. All openings to FMA (especially Rewrite :love: )
4. "Dearest" and "Every Heart" (Inuyasha ending songs)
5. The opening to D.N.Angel
6. The 1st opening of Bleach

and many more! :wink:
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by nricklee »

I like Rurouni Kenshin's all soundtarcks. Just love listening 'em .
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by rachs13 »

shakugan no shana opening 1

pretty cure opening

konjiki no gash bell openings

naruto shippuden openings 1,3, and 4

lucky stars opening

and fruits basket opening
*awsome animes*

Tokyo mew mew~Kaikan Phrase~Shakugan no Shana~Naruto Shippuden ~Pretty Cure~Zatch Bell~Fruits Basket~Karin~Oran high school host club~full moon wo sagashite~shugo chara!~Special A~Pretear~Nana~Aishiteruze baby
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by Nikkuzu Infaneppu »

My top 5 anime ost:

Snow - Negai Boshi (KimiKiss)
Mizuki Nana - Innocent Starter (Magical Girl Lyrial Nanoha)
Home Made Kazoku - No Rain No Rainbow (Naruto Shippuuden The Movie 2: Kizuna)
Kokia - Tatta Hitutso no Omoi (Gunslinger Girl 2)
Round Table feat. Nino - Beautiful (.Hack/sign)
My best top 3 anime soundtracks:
1. Vanilla Salt - Ost. Toradora (by. Horie Yui)
2. Kazeyomi Ribbon - Ost. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (by. Hirano Aya)
3. Ryuusei Miracle - Ost. Ayakashi Ayashi (by. Ikimonogakari)
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Re: Anime theme song

Post by Seiji Sawamura »

i'll name a few.

Naruto shippuden: blue bird
Hajime no Ippo NEW CHALLENGER Opening
To love ru- Forever we can make it
Ah my goddess season 1 and 2 opening
Rosario + Vampire season 2.
Gurren lagann
gad guard
Hitman Reborn All openings.

if you have not seen any of the openings like hajime no ippo or gad guard i'll give you those 2 only. the other 2. find on your own ^^

Hajime No Ippo new Challenge. This is a celebration for season 2

Gad guard
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