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Kinou Himmel

re: Best Anime music

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All the music from Inuyasha, Lain (Go BoA!), Witch Hunter Robin, Vision of Escaflowne and Evangelion(i love their use of clasical music)

re: Best Anime music

Post by darkdriver »

I like Yoko Kanno's stuff for Macross Plus...and I like the songs and BGM from Macross II...
and I like the FLCL stuff from the Pillows...
but I love the songs and BGM from boa, D.J. Wasei, & Chabo most of all. They know how to create good mood music! SEL rawks forever!!! :P

re: Best Anime music

Post by Guest »

How can you find the One Piece song "We Are"?

Re: Best Anime music

Post by shojo_no_miko »

I think..
-Hikaru no Go

You can get these songs at
dot=. (gendou rules is no direct linking)
You can also get practically every other anime song too!
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Gyro Zeppeli
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re: Best Anime music

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s-CRY-ed has the best music

Magma (insert song)

Reckless Fire (1st op)
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re: Best Anime music

Post by mpf23 »

I love 12 japanese songs, and the rest are just a bunch of english songs, anyways I'll just tell you the japanese songs,
Overlap By Kimeru (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Negareboshi He By Three Lights (Sailor Stars), Catch You Catch Me By Gumi (Card captor Sakura), Taiyou no Rakuen ~Promised Land~ By Miyuki Kanbe (Mermaid Melody), Sailor Stars Remix By Para Para Max 5 (Sailor Stars), Kuro no Kyousoukyoku ~concerto~ By Black Beauty Sisters (Mermaid Melody), Kodou ~Perfect Harmony~ By The Mermaid Princesses (Mermaid Melody), Moonlight Densetsu By Moonlips (sailor Moon), The Biggest Dreamer By Wada Kouji (Digimon Tamers), Yami No Baroque By Black Beauty Sisters (Mermaid Melody), Sailor Stars Song By Kae Hanazawa (Sailor Stars), Change The World By V6 (Inuyasha). Those are my songs, and if your wondering what english artists I like I'll just tell you how many I have somewhere from 80 to 90 fave artists, and I mostly like dance music, and pop.
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re: Best Anime music

Post by soulreaper_shinigami »

inuyasha songs and the first opening of blood+ :D
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Re: Best Anime music

Post by Duuz »

I'm not musical but I know what I like. Best anime music

Gundam F91
Gundam X
Gundam 08th MS Team
Gundam 0083
Gundam SEED
Urusei Yatsura 3
Giant Robo
Tenchi Muyo
Legend of Galactic Heroes

I listen to the open and ending themes, but why stop there? I enjoy the whole soundtrack. And have a massive collection of anime music.
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re: Best Anime music

Post by Gorby »

s-CRY-ed and Claymore have the best music by far

Claymore OP (Raison D'etre)- (couldn't find anything with full version)

Claymore ED (Danzai no Hana)- ... ed&search= (ignore the DDR arrows)

s-CRY-ed OP (Reckless Fire)- (not the actual opening but it has the whole song)

s-CRY-ed ED (Drastic my Soul)- (this is one of the only videos withe the full version)
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re: Best Anime music

Post by Lotus »

Opening and ending songs of Ouran High School Host Club (the ending of which introduced me to a new awesome band), Hayate no Gotoku, Denno Coil and the openings of Blood+ (though I've yet to actually watch it), Black Lagoon, and Lucky Star.
Robbie Hendrix
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Re: re: Best Anime music

Post by Robbie Hendrix »

macross plus
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Re: Best Anime music

Post by gogirlanime »

<b><u>FULL SOUNDTRACKS</u></b>
~Fushigi Yuugi
~Initial D
~Magic Knight Rayearth
~Nana (movies, anime, etc)
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