Numa Numa guy RETURNS!

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Numa Numa guy RETURNS!

Post by LiquidMist »

Numa Numa Guy Return Vid!

...just wanted to share...
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Re: Numa Numa guy RETURNS!

Post by Duelist of the Twilight »

...Oh wow lol
*Oh my Lord, she came back!*
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Re: Numa Numa guy RETURNS!

Post by Cloud Leonhart »

Um...okay... :lol: that was...strange.

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Re: Numa Numa guy RETURNS!

Post by Katsuyo »

Hey you guys know that the first numa numa song first showed on Newgrounds
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Re: Numa Numa guy RETURNS!

Post by mewyamah »

Lol! Hai Romaniaaaa! (excuse my fumb patriotic moment and pls don't throw stuff at me XD)
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Re: Numa Numa guy RETURNS!

Post by InuyashaX »

that was really funny i liked it :bounce: =D> \:D/
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