No Gackt topic already?

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Tamer Brad
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No Gackt topic already?

Post by Tamer Brad »

For shame, random site I found just now. Anyone else listen?

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Re: No Gackt topic already?

Post by Amray »

LONGING is His Best =3
Gackt is Amazing XD
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Re: No Gackt topic already?

Post by Vagrant_AI_Twilight »

All of his songs are beautiful. It's as simple as that. He's got a beautiful voice, a beautiful body, and beautiful lyrics. If there is such a thing as perfect, he would be it. Yet he would not. He is perfect, yet unperfect. He is a god among mortals, but at the same time mortal himself. He can melt the hearts of many, and in return is loved by the world. Gackt is the perfect man. He is all that is good in the world. He's multi-talented, can look like a Greek god, dance in the most ridiculous ways and still be sexy, and touch the hearts of many with his music. You don't have to understand Japanese to understand the heart he put into his songs. He gives everything for his Dears, pushing himself to the brink at times. He's the most wonderful man in the world, and the only man i will ever love.

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Re: No Gackt topic already?

Post by Yuki~ »

Gackt is awesome <3
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Re: No Gackt topic already?

Post by Spellcaster »

My favourite Gackt song is far! xD
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Re: No Gackt topic already?

Post by Hime »

My brother is always listening to Gackt's songs, and I listen to them too, so yea, I like his songs.
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