Remake or Original?

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Re: Remake or Original?

Post by Jade_Steel_Hawk »

It depends.
Remixes are amazing if done well, but nothing beats an original. [usually]
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Re: Remake or Original?

Post by Gyro Zeppeli »

Usually the original is better, but there are a few exceptions:

Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm (original by Michael Jackson)
Hurt- Johnny Cash (Originally Nine Inch Nails)
Dazed and Confused- Led Zeppelin (originally by Jake Holmes)
Knockin' on Heaven's Door- Guns 'n' Roses (Originally by Bob Dylan)
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Re: Remake or Original?

Post by jenilo »

It depends on song.I would like to go with both of 'em 50- 50.
josh :)
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Re: Remake or Original?

Post by josh :) »

Gyro Zeppeli wrote:Knockin' on Heaven's Door- Guns 'n' Roses (Originally by Bob Dylan)
Cold Chisel does the best Knocking on Heavens door ive ever heard. Only heard it live though so i dunno if its on an album or not but it dominates.

All Along the Watchtower(bob dylan cover) - Jimi Hendrix. awesome cover
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Re: Remake or Original?

Post by scorpionwarrior »

Techno remixes are good, Worst remix i heard was Brittney Spears - I love rock n roll. What a way to ruin a song >_>
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Re: Remake or Original?

Post by shadow47 »

I like most remakes. But i hreally don't like how the counrty artists are remaking today's pop music. It sounds really bad.
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Re: Remake or Original?

Post by Baby Duck »

LONG LIVE DIO!!! Kills-watch who? Nah Dio's was better, as for covors....they can only be made better if the original was kinda fruity say Smooth Criminal and or Darling Nikki. The covers for those songs by Alien Ant Farm and the Foo Fighters were great even better than the originals.
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