The best bands that nobody heard of/listens to

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Re: The best bands that nobody heard of/listens to

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Chronic Future,never see it anymore.
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Re: The best bands that nobody heard of/listens to

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Mark Lanegan
Second Coming
Mad Season
Dinosaur Jr.
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Goodnight Sweet Prince
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Re: The best bands that nobody heard of/listens to

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MetalMaster2004 wrote:Skindred
I Wrestled A Bear Once
Dimmu Borgir
Job For A Cowboy
Morbid Angel
Dying Fetus
Six Feet Under

These are all popular bands. Everybody who listens to Metal knows these so therefore makes them popular. Mastodon has been played on MTV. There is nothing on the thread that says you can't post Japanese bands but they have to be unpopular or underrated and maximum the hormone is a popular one. You shouldn've said English bands only not bands in general because I can start slinging underrated and unpopular bands all freaking day. If you don't know Death Cad For a Cutie whether you like them or not you live under a rock because they are insanely popular as well. Job For A Cowboy also puts on an awesome show.

Sorry to disappoint a lot of you but most of the ones you claim are underrated or whatever aren't. They are not popular in your area due to marketing. Woot for me knowing the music industry.
Popularity is no measurement. This curse and gift must be pushed aside. No one should care whether other people like, dislike or feel nothing towards any act. It's your taste that is the single most important thing in music.

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