Blue sky Noise (Circa Survive)?

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Blue sky Noise (Circa Survive)?

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SO! The newest album by Circa Survive (local Pennsylvania band) finally came out, and I must say that I am pretty impressed. Anthony Green (Ex member of Saosin) has got quite the amazing voice. I hate it when people try and say that he sounds too "girly" or whatever. He is a lyrical genuis and a profound musical influence on most aspiring [prog] bands of today! He is the Thom Yorke of 2010, damn it!

Has anyone followed their prior albums (Such as "Juturna", probably my all time favorite album) let alone the newest edition?

Its positively amazing, if you ask me.

Best songs on album?
"Get Out"
"Frozen Creek"

Anyone else get the new album (or even know the band, lol)?
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