Anyone know?

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Anyone know?

Post by Katsuyo »

ok does anyone know a place on the net i can read the manga for free and i don't need to download it?
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Re: Anyone know?

Post by Yuki~ »

hmm.. I don't know, but I have a friend who's already read until the end of the 22th mangá (we're on the 21st here)and she told me that she was reading on internet.
I can ask her next time I meet her on MSN... ^^
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Re: Anyone know?

Post by KoYue »

There used to be a website, but the scans have been removed. :(
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Re: Anyone know?

Post by sasuke_rocklee »

I'm not sure where you can, but here might be a reason. I read this on a site that used to scan in the manga:

Scans Offline
Tokyo Pop has asked me to take down these manga scans. I've always made it clear that I was putting them up just to promote the series but they requested me to take it down. If you would like to discuss this, you may do so on the message forum. Be sure to check out the many other great manga series on Spectrum Nexus.

it was on this site:
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Re: Anyone know?

Post by Ethereal Blaze »

i dont know where you can view them, but you can download then at
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Re: Anyone know?

Post by Shinogu »

I have never read scanlations before, so I wouldn't be of any help to you.

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Re: Anyone know?

Post by Morphea »

I think there was a site called "capsule" or something...I will have to check...
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Re: Anyone know?

Post by torhu131 »

there's a site called! It didn't work for me but I think it is because my computer is messed up! Try it if u want to! :D
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