tohru and yuki

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who do you think tohru should go out with?

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tohru and yuki

Post by hot kiyo 12 »

hey do any of you think yuki and tohru will go out i think they are perfect for each other and they both have feeling,s for eachother i hope they do so do anyof you have dish network my friend told me you can turn to channel 9407 at 8:30 and their you can watch fruti basket i did,nt belive her at first but then i went to spend the night at her house and we watched it

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Re: tohru and yuki

Post by KoYue »

Nah. I used to think so, but not anymore. Yuki should be with Machi. And . . .
[spoiler]Tohru ends up with Kyo at the end.[/spoiler]
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Re: tohru and yuki

Post by Anime_Luver_Girl »

I definitely think sh should end up with Kyo-kun because they seem to have a different kind of relationship then Tohru-chan and Yuki-kun :roll:

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Re: tohru and yuki

Post by torhu131 »

Yuki thinks of Tohru as a mother figure, they all do except a couple of the zodiac. :D
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Re: tohru and yuki

Post by Meushi »

I would agree here... Toru should go with Kyo.
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Re: tohru and yuki

Post by Tyche »

I did want Yuki to be with Tohru at first, but, seeing as it's unavoidable, I've given that up. As long as she's not after Haru.
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Re: tohru and yuki

Post by Morphea »

Kyo needs Tohru more than Yuki...she's the only one that can really understand him.
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Re: tohru and yuki

Post by MANGApunk »

I think Yuki and Tohru would have worked as a couple, but I like Kyo and Tohru too. The book turned out good so it's okay with me. I didn't get a chance to read how Yuki and machi got together though.....
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Re: tohru and yuki

Post by Kitsuna_knight »

I love that Kyo and Tohru Got together.
Machi and Yuki are cute together.
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