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YaY! THANK YOU! I've been looking for scanlations forever!

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Eee!! Thank you so much! I have all the volumes out as well, but it's just not fast enough (or I'm not patient enough XP ) It's just such a GREAT story! ^_^

Katarinna_Rays_Lover wrote:Go to your local bookstore they should be able to order it for you that is what I do to get all mine.

Another good way to go is bestprices.com. I use them for buying all my anime and some manga. A lot of manga gets "Buy 3/4, get 1 free" around here, so I usually just wait for those sales but Best Prices is usually MUCH cheaper, the shipping is pretty fast, I've never had any problems with the merchandise being worn or broken or anything, and best of all, it's 100% legal ^_^;;

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it's good for doujinshi.:)(fruits basket doujinshis)
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