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Re: orange Juice

Post by Tyche »

I was saying no to "anyone like orange juice?" I'm not fond of any juice though. Eat fruit. [-(
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Re: orange Juice

Post by Gaming Goddess »

Mik3 wrote:The use the OJ to sweeten vodka
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Re: orange Juice

Post by SASSZAIN »

Mik3 wrote:The use the OJ to sweeten vodka
Mmmmm. Vodka... *drools* me want.

I eat oranges too.. but they hafta be cold..
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Re: orange Juice

Post by Yuki~ »

Aoi Sakuraba wrote:
Yuki wrote:oh yeah, it is!
Specially lemon juice without sugar! It's the best! XD
she is talking about lemonade guys (i think)

lemon juice + sugar + a little water = homemade lemonade
yeah! thanks Aoi XD ^^'
(I completly forgot the word 'lemonade' XD )

and josh, that's why lemons are delicious: they are sour! =PPP
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Re: orange Juice

Post by Tsukasa »

Mik3 wrote:The use the OJ to sweeten vodka

I use vodka to sweeten the OJ
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Re: orange Juice

Post by Roger Taylor »

+:D.Ř.Ę.Ŧ.Ļ.Ĭ .N:+ wrote:
Gaming Goddess wrote:If "orange juice" is slang for cocaine and hookers, then yes, I love orange juice.
And Black Jack.
Well, I'll have my own lunar park, with blackjack, and hookers.
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Re: orange Juice

Post by Jamie Madrox »

orange juice is great when i am in my meth lab making the days orders

gotta keep hydrated ya know?
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