I Need Help Desperately....

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Re: I Need Help Desperately....

Post by SASSZAIN »

Can you give me some screen-shots of the errors you are getting?

In all honestly, you'll likely have to convert the files to mp4(H.264/AVC video codec, AAC audio codec) or MPEG2 if you want Sony Vegas to work well with it.

As for an easy quick fix, I doubt there is one. You'll have to use a converter :/
that's the issue with compressed video~
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Re: I Need Help Desperately....

Post by KawaiiGirl104 »

That's what I thought.... I have a pretty good converter (Freemake Video Converter) but I was hoping that I could use a codec or something that works with Sony Vegas well. But for some reason CCCP doesn't work how it's supposed to. And I'm not getting any error message. When I try to add the file, at the bottom (where is says Video Stream and Audio Stream) on Video Stream is says "attributes could not be identified".
Well, thank you SASSZAIN. If that's the only way to do it, then I'll have to do it that way.
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Re: I Need Help Desperately....

Post by Yamasachihiko »

:? thats why I said converter to start with, certain file types played faster and smoother in my movie maker after I converted them to a more compatible file type.
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