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((Yup! XD))

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dashing left and right. *yukimara has a little bit of an advantage, knowing the immediate area really well*
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Killua sighed easily keeping up with Yukimara he might not of showed it but he new the area better then he knew the buildings
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*following* Hmm... This flying jutsu sure works! Full speed ahead!
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Jayden sees the others leaving. "Hmm..that was interesting. Even if a little disappointing. Oh well, I'm hungry." Jayden says leaving.

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Re: Ninja Rp

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Name: Akuma Kumori

Clan: Kumori
Clan Ability: use certain jutsu without using a handsign, can generate chakra without handsign

Alliance: village hidden in the leaves

Age: 17

Gender: male

Hair color: black

Looks: neck length black hair, slightly larger canines and slightly pointed tongue (jinchuriki effect), slightly pale skin, all black eyes (except whites), five foot seven inches,

clothing: black pants, black short sleeve shirt, black fingerless gloves, black shoes, black headband (worn around waist, no symbol on it), black band across chest, black pouch on arm and both legs and waist, black thin rectangle shades on face,

equipment: samurai sword strapped to back, senbon in backs of gloves, shuriken and whipcord and spikes in leg pouches, chakra pills and health pills and money and antidote in hip pouch, scrolls and chakra paper and smoke bombs in arm pouch,

Height: 5ft 7in
Personality: easy to like, smart, mostly blunt, flirtatious, wants to find and talk to sasuke, really good friends with naruto, demon sometimes takes control of mouth and talks, demon is in direct contact with mind,

Likes: loves phasing through houses and going unnoticeable, loves phasing objects to get them stuck

Dislikes: overconfidence, Sasuke’s turn over

Crushes: Temari, Sakura
Ninja Class: Chunin (doesn’t like taking the tests…)
Skills: rasengan (shadow demon style): emanates shadow energy from the hand, hits and pushes foe back and bursts
Surrogate: create an exact copy of self indistinguishable from a clone because of actual chakra spirit split
Demon synthesis: fuse demon chakra with object to slightly change its dimensions
Phase: walk through any object gas, liquid, solid, or chakra based
Unnoticeable: become unseen and leave no trace of previously being there
Shadow tentacles: create tentacles of shadow energy
Demon stages: release/fuse with inner demon at four stages
Demon hands: create large floating demon hands
Solid shadow: solidify shadow into different forms and control it
Demon strings: create chakra strings of demon energy that can solidify
Phantasmal possession: phase into object and control it
Drain: drain chakra from object
Summoning jutsu (dragon style): summon a dragon species (different types of stages)
Umbraragan: eyes become all black and see energy in its forms and what’s coming next, gives heightened senses
Demon intrusion: unobtrusively makes person like and do and tell almost anything, copying a needed memory for usability
Oragakumi: create an explosion of darkness that does damage, saps chakra, and clouds area
Needle needle: create needles from shadows that fly at enemy
Dark stitching: use demon strings to stitch together wounds with healing properties, slightly painful to heal
Demon scalpel: attack with chakra covered hand that does multiple slicing damage and bursts chakra points, can have healing factors
Bodily husk: summon the empty husk of a body of a defeated enemy
Shadow creation: temporarily create objects from shadows
Shadow control (involuntary): shadows bend and help and protect tanoth slightly (can cause more effect voluntarily)

Specialties: phasing, has a slight precognitive ability in umbraragan state,

Special moves: demon stages-
1st form appearance: eyes become all black, emanate black chakra, finger nails become black and pointed,
2nd form appearance: body becomes shade darker, slight horns on forehead, white irises; four dark tentacles come out of back,
3rd form appearance: body bulges slightly, shadow stays in constant solid from near body, spikes protrude from elbows and knees and heels and shoulders, even darker
4th form appearance: body becomes all pitch black, no shadow, tentacles move rapidly and can form things, body can shift shape,

Brief Summary of Character: jinchuriki to a shadow demon; uses part of its chakra for demonic and shadow type jutsu, isn't part of a village but resides in the village hidden in the leaves

History: two years before the birth of ------ a war was being waged. In a desperate move to win a ninja summoned a great shadow demon. After they won the demon turned on and killed the ninja to break his seal. Being free he rampaged through the village, destroying houses and killing people. When there was only a single surviving family left a ninja sealed the demon into his own body temporarily. The effect took place immediately. The ninja was dying and he was trying to help his pregnant wife move to a safe place. Before he left he sealed all of his belongings into one giant scroll. He made a shack in the woods and stayed there till his wife was about to give birth. His time was almost up and his wife was going to die from the birth. In a desperate moved he sealed the demon permanently into the infant right at the birth. The mother died. The father took his son to the nearest village, the leaf village. Once inside he bought land from the hokage, out near the outskirts behind the school. The father built a house with great speed and unsealed all of his belongings into it. He summoned three guardians to watch over his son. He placed a jutsu on certain scrolls to become readable to his son once ------ reached a certain age. He died that night when he finished. The guardians removed the body and no one knows where it is accept them. Four years later a kunoichi snuck past the guardians and into the house. She saw ------ on the floor sleeping. She also saw a note that explained everything, including that ------ was a jinchuuriki. She raised him up and the guardians left when ------ was ten. No one knew that ------ was a jinchuuriki until the kakashi visited him because of a disturbance in the area. kakashi saw ------ and the seal on his body. He told the hokage and ------ was forced to show himself to the village for the first time. That was when he first met the village and its inhabitants.

can someone help me with making a picture/avatar for this? and i wud like some people to tell me their thots on my character...
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