Feline University. (Nekos Only) (I'm Bored! Please Join!)

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Re: Feline University. (Nekos Only) (I'm Bored! Please Join!)

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[[btw, i will probably be frequently gone having my friend rp off and on with my characters, so if you get a little scared by it, don't worry. :D]]

Nia looked at Brooke then looked back to watch where she was headed. "My bird? Oh, her name is Chiko. I've had her forever. She'll be with me always." Nia stopped and faced Brooke and smiled.
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Re: Feline University. (Nekos Only) (I'm Bored! Please Join!)

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(Mind if I join?)
Name & Class Status: Sara Lone, President in Art
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birhtday: 1/16/
P.O.B: America
Body Type: Doesn't exactly work our but her fast matabolism works wonders! She still has curves and is about a B-cup.
Height: 5'4
Weight: N/A
Schedule: English, Science, Math and Social Studies
Category: Art
Talents You Have For This Class: She has always been good at art and has even been involved in art shows and and galleries. She doesn't pride herself on anything she does except her art.
Social Status: 3
Hobbies: Drawing...she also reads and loves to write
Anything Random You Want Us to Know: She laughs when she listens to screamo music.
Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/neko ... .jpg?o=180
Life Story: N/A (at the moment, I havent come up with one yet.)
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