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Re: Another Naruto Roleplay

Posted: Mar 30, 2009 10:21am
by crowheart
Takashi looked up at the white ceiling, yet again bored out of his mind. What made him uncomfortable about hospitals was he waiting. He found the medical stuff fascinating, especially the gross and gory looking stuff. He groaned and turned over in an attempt to sleep. It was rough, but eventually he closed his eyes and managed to let sleep overtake him.

"The sooner I sleep, the soon I can see Hanasa." Were his last thoughts

Re: Another Naruto Roleplay

Posted: Mar 30, 2009 12:41pm
by Yellowsakura
Hanasa watched for a few more minutes before heading back towards the Hyuuga compound. She was sure that it was nearly time for dinner and it would be rude of her to not be there.

Hikari opened up Hanasa's door. "Hanasa...." He trailed, seeing that Hanasa wasnt inside.

As Hanasa had reached the compound, she headed towards her room.
She stopped seeing Hikari. "Hikari-sama" She murmured.
"There you are" Hikari said with a hint of relief. "Give me food" He demanded.
Hanasa nodded. "You will have your dinner with Hyoshi-sama. Could you please wait a little longer?" She asked in her polite tone.
Hikari scoffed. "Fine, ill be in my room" He mumbled walking off.

Hanasa watched as he walked off towards his room.
She turned to her own room, to change into a plain looking Kimono, with her hair tired up.
She headed out her room and to the kitchen to start making dinner.